Curious about juice cleansing, but unsure of where to begin? Then starting with an established protocol might be the best route for you. With time, you might feel more confident about designing your own juice cleanse, but for now, check out these six best juice cleanses and give one a shot!

What is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse, also referred to as a juice fast, can be a good way to kickstart a new healthy living plan. A true juice cleanse involves going a prescribed amount of time without solid or blended food and instead only consuming juice and sometimes tea or broth.

People generally avoid caffeine, alcohol, and liquids with unhealthy ingredients, such as soda, during cleanses. Some people use juice cleanses to improve their immune function and speed up the process of waste removal, while others look to better understand their cravings and even experience emotional and spiritual benefits.

Note that if you suffer from a health condition, you should check with a doctor before beginning a juice cleanse. Also, people who have suffered from disordered eating might want to avoid juice cleanses if they find they trigger an unhealthy focus on caloric intake.

#1 Project Juice Cleanse

Project Juice is one of the more popular juice cleanse brands, rumored to be used by many celebrities. Headquartered in California, Project Juice sells and delivers nationwide, specializing in juices cold-pressed from organic veggies and fruits.

Green juice is the foundation of most juice cleanses, and Project Juice sells six different types of green juice. The Project Juice website also clearly outlines how long you should do a juice cleanse and how to prepare for one, based on your current diet and health level. One criticism of juice cleanses is that they are often high in sugar. Have no fear! Project Juice also has a low-glycemic index cleanse option.

#2 Blueprint Juice Cleanse

Blueprint offers a variety of juice cleanses based on your needs, ranging from a 3-day “Beach Ready Detox” to the “Balancing Act Cleanse,” which comes in 1- to 6-day packages. Many of their juices contain nut milk, though they also offer nut-free varieties for those with food restrictions. Their Cleanse Quiz will help you choose the best cleanse for you.

Featuring organic, cold-pressed juices that can be shipped to your home, Blueprint is another convenient choice for juice cleansing. They often have major sales on their site in conjunction with holidays, and also offer a 15% discount off your first order if you sign up for their email list, making them a more affordable option.

#3 Cooler Cleanse

Cooler Cleanse is known for being the juice cleanse that is endorsed by actress Salma Hayek. Cooler Cleanse is located in New York City, but will ship their juices to anywhere in the continental US. They sell raw vegan juices and nut milks, and claim their hydraulic pressing method results in their juices containing 3-5 times more vitamins and minerals than other juices.

Cooler Cleanse offers cleanses in 1-, 3-, and 5-day lengths. One day of juice cleansing involves drinking 6 bottles of juice, which are a total of 1,200 calories. Cooler Cleanse offers group discounts, which could be great if you plan on juicing with friends or fitness buddies.

#4 JUS Cleanse

JUS by Julie is a bit different from the other juice cleanses listed, in the sense that it does contain some blended fruits and vegetables. That means the juices contain fiber, which has health benefits, and they feel thicker to drink, almost like a smoothie. While some people would argue that disqualifies it from being a strict “juice cleanse,” it doesn’t seem to be stopping happy customers from posting about their love for JUS on social media.

JUS by Julie has pre-made cleanses and offers customers the ability to build their own cleanse of six bottles of juice per day of any type. They have eight green juices to choose from, as well as multiple fruit juices and juices containing chocolate and peanut butter.

In addition to juice cleanses, JUS sells blended soups and liquid meal replacement smoothies. JUS by Julie has locations in New York and New Jersey, and will ship for free. If you subscribe to have shipments sent regularly, you can receive 15% off.

#5 JuiceRx Cleanse

JuiceRx is another juice company that delivers cold-pressed juices nationwide, in addition to selling juice from its Chicago location. Like Cooler Cleanse, JuiceRx uses a hydraulic press to juice their fruits and veggies. They also boast serving their juices in BPA-free bottles. JuiceRx has three pre-planned juice cleanses available in 1- to 7-day packages, and also allows customers to create a completely custom cleanse.

JuiceRx’s Extreme Green Cleanse is a good choice for someone who is already accustomed to juicing and ready for a cleanse chock-full of dark green leafy vegetables. This cleanse has low sugar levels and promotes alkalinity. If you want to explore JuiceRx’s options beyond their pre-made cleanses, they have a variety of nut milks, smoothies, and elixir shots to choose from.

Do-It-Yourself Juice Cleanses

If you have a juicer and time to juice your own fruits and veggies, a DIY cleanse could be a good option for you. Many people enjoy buying and juicing produce, and some find ways to incorporate the fiber expelled during the juicing process into their cooking, so nothing goes to waste.

The many juice cleanses for sale online can be used as blueprints for creating your own juice cleanse at home. Pay close attention to how many days they recommend doing the cleanse, and how many juices one day of cleansing involves. Then, go ahead and create your own juices to fit that prescribed schedule.

There is a seemingly endless number of juicing recipes available online, and many juicers come with a juice recipe booklet. If there are store-bought juices you enjoy, you can also try to recreate them. Remember that all juices sold in the U.S. are required to contain an ingredients list, and those ingredients are listed in the order they appear in the juice by weight. It’s not the same as an exact recipe, but it gives you something to work with. Happy juicing!

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