“Radical convergence between state-of-the art science and ancient texts.”

– Dr. M. Choudhary, Harvard University

“The evidence for Superhuman communication appears persuasive, and raises important questions about our understanding of human history. This book is sure to attract a lot of interest in ancient Indian texts.”

– Professor S. Ghosh, Chairman and Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Columbia University

“If what you say is true, I have no doubt that both the scientific and religious worlds will be set alight, as this is utterly without precedent.”

– Kevin Walsh, open-minded skeptic.


In their book Heretic Science, authors Sidhartha Chhabra and Devin O’Rourke present astonishing findings from their research in the cosmological presentation of the Puranas of ancient India. Although compiled by sages thousands of years ago, these texts contain stunningly accurate data for key events in the creation and development of our universe, as well as the history of our planet Earth.

In their introduction, the authors point out that many revolutionary scientific discoveries in the past have faced harsh criticism early on. Such pioneers as Galileo Galilei, Barbara McClintock, and Louis Pasteur have been labeled “heretics” of science by their peers. Only after many years was their work given a fair and honest assessment, and today their scientific conclusions have become universally accepted.

Key Findings

Among the most impressive data points are:

  1. The Purāṇic age of the Solar System (4.562 billion years) is within 0.11% of the modern scientific value, which was obtained by high- precision, state-of-the-art radiometric dating.
  2. The Purāṇic age of the Universe (13.819 billion years) is within 0.13% of the modern scientific value, which wasn’t obtained until data from the latest generation of sophisticated satellites (Planck) was analyzed.
  3. The Purāṇic date for the end-Permian Mass Extinction is within 0.3% of the modern scientific value.
  4. The Purāṇic date ranges for the Toarcian and end-Eocene Mass Extinctions overlap those of modern science.

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