Does your birth chart have the Sun in Virgo? In this guide we cover the major traits of the Sun and the astrological sign Virgo and what to expect when they come together in a natal chart.

Sun: The Planet of Selfhood, Rulers, and Health

As the powerhouse that makes life possible on our small planet, the sun has been worshiped in many ancient human cultures for its radiant and rejuvenating qualities. In astrology, the sun is considered the king of the planets. According to Vedic theology, the sun is an expansion of God.


As the leader of the planets, the sun’s weekday is Sunday, the first day of the week. The movement of the sun is also the basis for the Gregorian calendar, which is used by most of the modern world.

Speed of Travel

The sun travels through the twelve signs of the zodiac exactly once per year, and moves through each sign at the rate of approximately one sign per month.

Areas of Influence

In an astrological chart, the Sun governs the following:

  • The soul, consciousness, or the self
  • Kings, rulers, and governments
  • The father, a guide, or a mentor
  • Will-power, courage, and discernment
  • Health, eyesight, and general well-being
  • Blessings, happiness, and patience
  • Victories, strength, and enthusiasm
  • Fame, social status, and charisma
  • Self-sacrifice, self-realization, and religiosity

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Virgo: The Sign of the Virgin

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. In Vedic astrology, Virgo is known by the Sanskrit name kanya, or “the maiden.” The sign of Virgo possesses a clever, sensible, and dependable nature. Virgo is a sign of service. In an astrological chart, it indicates areas where you are dutiful and meticulous in your efforts.

Basic Traits

Ruled by Mercury. Mercury brings a logical, playful, and somewhat dispassionate energy to the house he inhabits.
An earth sign. Virgo is dexterous, thoughtful, and practical.
A dual sign. Virgo is flexible; neither too spontaneous nor too rigid.
A feminine sign. Virgo is receptive, sensitive, and empathic.

Chief Domains

Virgo influences its planetary lord in the following areas:

  • Service and dedication.
  • Routines and daily habits.
  • Physical and mental health.
  • Humility and bashfulness.
  • Practicality, logic, and problem-solving.

Traits of the Sun in Virgo

The influence of the Sun in a birth chart will change depending on which house it is located in, its relative position in relation to other planets, as well as other factors. However, the following general traits are likely to be found in a native whose Sun is in Virgo:

You have a strong memory. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo brings ample mental strength. You pay attention to the events in your life and do not easily forget the people who have helped you, or those who have done you wrong.

You enjoy serving others. You have a natural inclination to serve others, especially people in religious, spiritual, or charitable positions. Service is a major part of your personal spirituality.

You are skilled in science and the arts. Mercury also brings artistic gifts. You are knowledgeable and talented in writing, calligraphy, art, and mathematics. And your strong memory enables you to learn almost anything.

You have feminine features. As a feminine sign, Virgo is recognized by soft features. You may not have much physical or mental stamina, but you excel in empathy and emotional intelligence.

You can be shy. You prefer to be in the background and do not like receiving too much attention for your work. You have a hard time asserting yourself in personal relationships and in the workplace.

Sun in Virgo in the 12 Houses

Every natal chart is unique. It is not possible to give a fully accurate reading without considering the various elements of the chart, including planetary combinations, aspects, friendships, directional strength, and more.

The traits below are general indications which will change depending on the influence of the factors listed above.

In the First House

The first house indicates physique and self-expression. You pay close attention to your physical appearance and have a good sense of fashion. However, your hair will start to thin at a young age. You are self-confident and somewhat stubborn, and you can be lazy at times. You are taller than average.

In the Second House

The second house indicates wealth and cultural traditions. You may be very wealthy. However you are likely to experience financial trouble with the government. Though you are quite intelligent, your education will be disappointing. You may not find full satisfaction in your family life. Nonetheless, you are very loyal to those who are close to you.

In the Third House

The third house indicates siblings, courage, and literary works. You like to travel and are likely to make good money throughout your life. However you may have conflicts with your family members, particularly your siblings.

In the Fourth House

The fourth house indicates one’s mother, home, and basic beliefs. You are respected in your native community and may accrue wealth through property. This is a good position for governmental work and public service.

In the Fifth House

The fifth house indicates children, creative works, and overall success. You are very intelligent and a gifted writer and artist. However, you may not have a long life, and one or more of your children may also suffer premature death or some serious illness.

In the Sixth House

The sixth house indicates debt, disease, and service. You are proud. You can rise high in your career, and are likely to take a position of authority or behind-the-scenes leadership. You are a noble and charitable person. However, your spouse may suffer from health problems.

In the Seventh House

The seventh house indicates the spouse, marital happiness, and sexual desire. You struggle in relations with the opposite sex. You may suffer some bodily injury or deformity. You may travel frequently. You may not do well professionally.

In the Eighth House

The eighth house indicates death, calamities, and interest in the occult. You likely will grow up separate from your homeland or native people. You can excel in religious and mystical pursuits. You may suffer as a result of your friends. You do not manage your wealth well and will experience frequent financial losses. However, this can result in spiritual maturity.

In the Ninth House

The ninth house indicates religion and morality. You are satisfied in life and have plenty of money. You are inclined toward religiosity, though you may have conflict with a spiritual leader or guru. You will have a long life.

In the Tenth House

The tenth house indicates one’s father, career, and reputation. You are highly respected, influential, and wealthy. You also gain great happiness from your children. However, your relationship with your mother may be strained.

In the Eleventh House

The eleventh house indicates gains, aspirations, and friendships. You are wealthy and successful. You may not have many friends. You are likely to have several streams of income, and you can gain from a position in the government.

In the Twelfth House

The twelfth house indicates losses, misfortune, and liberation. Your professional life will be disappointing. You may not have much material happiness in life. However, you are charitable, and you can attain great spiritual happiness through the path of self-realization and bhakti-yoga. You are likely to travel frequently throughout life.

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