What is Agni?

Agni is the digestive fire within the body that contributes directly to production of the subtle essences prana, tejas, and ojas.

What is Ojas?

Ojas is a subtle essence in the body that contributes to one’s physical and spiritual wellbeing. A balanced diet is essential in the production of ojas.

A Beginner’s Guide to Ayurvedic Food Combining

Rather than looking at diet in terms of food groups, Ayurveda determines the ideal diet for each individual according to the elements comprising their constitution. With the three doshas that make up every body type, one can determine their individual dietary strengths.

Wooden pale of water with medicinal herbs.

What is Panchakarma?

However, wellness has become very confusing and complicated due to the number of fads that come in and out of fashion on a weekly basis. Real health is actually much simpler than you might expect. Panchakarma can be a means of treating disease, or simply used as a spring clean for the body – boosting the immune system, increasing strength and overall well being.

Trikatu: What It Is, Uses & Benefits

Trikatu is a classic ayurvedic blend consisting of pippali, ginger, and black pepper. These three spices work in unison to boost metabolism, aid the assimilation and bioavailability of nutrients, burn off excess adipose tissue, and promote proper bile flow and detoxification.